8.8.08 Opening Ceremonies Day

we put my cousin's friends bike up in the tree again

i've seen a lot of these in beijing

on wang fu jing the day of the opening ceremonies

every 30 feet or so there would be a crowd of people around random foreigners taking pictures and posing with them and what not. why today and not any other day? there was even a couple black guys pretending to be basketball players. One guy said he was chris paul and he was definitly not.

look at this d-bag. i just want to punch the red right off his mug.

you cant tell here but this toilet is for little tykes. it was so small. and then i saw a full grown man using it.

view from jeff's buddie's rooftop patio. his apt and patio were hooked up. we watched the opening ceremonies here. There was no one in the streets most places we went this day. it was creepy. there was also very little traffic.

we were able to see some of the fireworks from the rooftop

after that onto the black sun bar .

after that on to this massive techno/trance party . I hate techo/trance/house music. i had to go here because two groups of our friends were going here. if there was no alchohol involved i probably would have just sat in the bathroom and cried to the rhythm 1000 beats per minute.

of course we had to go and party til morning again.

here you can see its an early day today. going home at 5:45 am. we had to take the train to somewhere else where we could actually get a taxi because everyone just got out of that techno party and there were'nt even any cabs around for anyone to fight over.