look at those guys down there. there is more of china's people power for you. there were a bunch of guys that would run up and rub spots on the floor where someone fell down or something and then run away

my second olympic event to attend. Handball. again it would have been funny to see guys slapping a little rubber ball against a wall for 2 hrs but this turned out to be "European handball". None of us knew the rules or had ever seen this game played before. this made it interesting. it basically looked like you could do whatever you wanted. It looked like sometimes bear hugging was legal and then sometimes you would get a card for it. who knows. it is actually pretty fun to watch.

we saw germany vs. denmark. germany were the winners last time is wat i heard. their goalie was like a big baby man. everytime a goal was scored on him he would have a fit. its funnier because he usually ended up on the floor tangled up in the net trying to block the ball so he really did look like a big man baby failing around and crying. which he actually did cry at the end and curled up into a ball on the floor when they lost. hahahahaha

our seats were in the middle of a denmark cheer squad. there were a lot of them. we got reseated to the edge of the cheer squad. Since they are not chinese these guys were getting more into and not letting Confucius ruin their fun. I read a little article in one of the papers here about people complaining about how chinese cheering is limited to "Jia You!" and that they don't really know what they're doing.

there was a huge up roar, crying, a huge victory that unseated the former german champs, and then 10 minutes later they sweep off the floor and another 2 countries play. we stayed to watch a little of this poland vs. france game

now for the important part. the cheer leaders. my camera lens zoom is only 3x. so sad. anyway these girls all "looked" chinese. i keep seeing articles in the expat mags about this chinese cheerleading squad that was started by a korean girl actually. These girls looked better than the mixed ethnicity cheer squad i would see at beach volley ball 3 days later.

outside the Dens were still causing a ruckus. I know a girl from denmark here and she says handball is super popular there.