a visit from Jeff Yeh

Jeff if from Californay. most of yall ny buddies don't know him. he came to beijing via shanghai and he was there on business, which he would love to tell you about in detail, but not on my blog he wont! This starts as a tale of me being such a good friend. He send me numerous emails about the date of his arrival. also several phone calls. even a phone call on the morning of, telling me his train number. none of this got through to me. i was at home working on a drawing when he called me at 8:30 asking if i was at the train station. i was not. i thought for some reason he was coming on the next day. I am such a good friend. i rushed downtown to get him and we partied until 8:30 in the morning. these are only some of the pictures.

i finally went to get my olympic tix. of course it wasn't easy. why would it be? it was in this complex with 18 or mor towers that are identical. construction everywhere around it, balls hot, and a map made with microsoft paint from their website telling me to go almost in a complete circle to get to the ticket pick up office.

china doll the newest and spiffiest club in beijing.

a bar called higher and higher with crazy dancing lights. we went here with jeff's buddies annie and shannon.

there was this weird water meter thing with stuff moving inside of it over the toilet

after we all got very inhiberated we went to karoke, just jeff me and sophie. we sang until about 8 am

i found a stack of these up on a shelf. they were gas masks!

us asking where mcdonalds is. i have been seeing this poster of a glistening juicy breakfast sausage patty sandwhich from mcdonalds for weeks now and wanted it so bad at 8 in the morning i was willing to punch a cat in the face or something like that.

this is the yunan restaurant on nan luo gu xiang again. this is something new. its a fried milk/cheese thing. who knows what kind of milk it is, could be yak milk.

here we are in my cousins room while him and his buddies are sleeping. I used to to this in highschool to my brother. somethings never change.