Tianjin Day 1

So i've been gone for a while. I moved to a new apartment and there has been no internet for over 2 weeks. I have been super angry for 2 weeks because of this. i have to move my whole desk to a cafe everyday to work and drawing and doing illustrations in these cafes in Beijing where they leave the windows open and its freezing is not the best. I also went to Tianjin for a few days to visit my old buddy and old roomate from korea and rooomate in NYC for a few months, Yoon. he was there on business doing the "East Asian Economic Forum". i stayed at his hotel. Here is a Tianjin primer. it has 10 million people making it one of the 10 cities in china that has a population larger than NYC. it is famous for is goubuli baozi. that is all there is to tianjin. the buildings are all really short, like 2 storys or less, and I can't really recommend Tianjin.

look at the waiting area for the bullet train to tianjin! look at those chairs!

there are rumors that this is the fastest train in the world but it only matches the japanese shinkansen at 300km/h there is a train in france that goes 320 km/h

cute stewardesses too.

this is probably the coolest thing in Tianjin

went to karaoke and then a lounge/club later, should have been the other way around.

drank one of these things

all the places i went in tianjin were in this format. these "bands" would "play" "sets" where they sing over a dj/cd track and a guitar and bass player lay down thumpin' lines. I don't know how you can go to sleep at night knowing you're in one of these "bands". anyway I have one friend who lives in Tianjin and she is friends with these guys so it made it ok.

pei yi and anton

and no night would be complete without yoon being a jerk and falling asleep