Wonju One - One Month in Korea - Part 4

In Wonju with the entire Yoo fam.
I thought that Bart Simpson was giving the middle finger whilst wearing hip-hop gear while this kid is talking in front of the church.  But I was informed that he is merely posturing with his index finger and upon inspection I can see that is the case thusly ruining my church boy wearing an offensive shirt but doesn't know it because of the cultural divide giggles.  I can still enjoy his hip-hop shirt at church and the cultural divide that's there though.

Papa Yoo talking like the godfather because he lost his voice.
at the makgooksoo place with the view.  This is cactus and I don't know what Koreans do with it.

that delicious plate of pork again.

Makgooksoo is still my favorite thing to eat (it didn't come out yet)

at the Yoo family golf course they've got a lot going on including these guys.
seen in the lobby, Chris Gash's illustration in Korean for Golf Digest.

sure i'll take 10 one ounce paper envelopes of water please.
they stand out of the show was this smoked duck that ended up tasting like tender ham.

rice encrusted to the sides of the bowl with some kind of water is a beloved Korean thing

Mamma Yoo making kalbitang.