Pyeongchang - One Month in Korea - Part 5

went for a run around the beautiful farmlands next to their apartment building

Wonju is growing fast and will soon be a big transportation hub in Korea so they are building housing for all the people coming in.

we went to Pyeongchang, where they are holding the 2018 winter Olympics.  There was nothing to do because everything has been commandeered for the Olympics so all the ski resorts were taken over and closed to us.  They were building a lot of stuff and there wasn't even a mascot t-shirt in sight to buy.

the insane height of the ski jump starting point.
is this the kids equivalent of walking down that corridor from the locker room to the stadium on superbowl sunday?

they wanted the letters cleared off for a photo and then we spent the next 20 minutes making it worse.

we picked up chicken from Nae Nae Chicken, they were probably a family and they were so nice there.  One of the flavors we got was 쇼킹핫 (shocking hot in Konglish) which because this is Korea, was actually shockingly hot.

this huge bottle of scary looking alcohol was sat on the table but luckily it was never opened.

the Yoo women playing Yut on their last night in Korea.
Mamma Yoo's galbitang

Koreanized Chinese food, fried jajangmyeon and jjambbong

eggs on the drive to Seoul.