One Month in Korea - Part 3

Do you feel like the persimmon in winter?  Left on the tree, never to reach your true potential?  Ripe and in the prime of your life only to rot in the cold harshness of the world?  When you're passed over for that promotion, the persimmon knows.  When that girl picks lame investment banker over you the persimmon knows.  When you've turned 40 and the internet still hasn't caught on to the genius artwork you're making, the persimmon knows.

Eleanor got a photographer for family photos at Changgyeonggung palace and it was absolutely freezing.

a rare never before photographed photo of a 제니 (JaeNi), the Korean mythical goblin who will cut children's hair at night if they don't eat all their rice. (I made this up)

This day started at Myeongdong Kalgooksoo with the second best dumplings I had on the trip and the best kalgooksoo (hand cut noodle soup)
after lots of shopping in Myeondong and following the Yoo women around and freezing Phil and I ate 2 gyeran bbang amongst other street food. This makes me wonder now if this was an invention forged in the same fires as hot dog and spam related foods from the Korean war era with the USA army's cornbread commandeered for these egg bread things.

Stacy and Phil's last night in Seoul.  I was also chomping at the bit to do something after a week of family time.  Eventually we ended up at Diss, a little hip hop club in Hongdae.  We stayed out late and had many drinks.
which is why this pochangmacha exists, to feed the drunk and the weary late at night.  This guy makes an amazing (and probably amazingly unhealthy) Korean street toast, saturated with butter and more.  OMG!

fish cakes

the next day we had to pack up and leave the big airbnb and go to Jen's parents house in Wonju.  I wonder what they are over-wintering in this planter

similar to seuleungtang but not.

judgement day

SPAM is ultra popular in Korea and I love it and was delighted to see this.  They have gourmet luncheon meat that is delish.

The Booth Brewing is one of the bigger craft beer makers in Korea

They collaborated with Mikkeller