Last Bit'O Winter

Jen got tix to Buffy Saint Marie at Jazz at the Lincoln Center.  It was full of mostly aging hippies and I had never heard of her before so I was skeptical from the start but after hearing her story and her native american inspired tunes I thought it was pretty cool.

how awesome is this painting hanging in the Lincoln Center, Jazz Funeral, by Morton Roberts?
bottling day supplies.

we are dumb@$$es so we didn't know how to use the hydrometer we bought.  We tried to find a vessel tall enough to accept the floating hydrometer and ended up using this vase and got a bad reading

we ended up with 45 bottles.

New acquisitions:  The Best of Louis Jordan, Jumpin' with Joe: Joe Turner, Night Train: The Oscar Peterson Trio, The Roches: The Roches
these dog parker stations have popped up in brooklyn, you're supposed to leave your dog in there while you run errands, or have too many happy hr martini's and forget your dog.

Bob lookin' fresh after a fresh cut

I changed my flat back tube which requires taking off this whole gear assembly.  I'm a big boy now.

stumbled across Michael Arenella and pals playing at clover club so we went in for a drink.

my The Progressive cover on the newsstand.