A Honeymoon in Asia - Osaka - Day 1

by the time we made it to Osaka there wasn't enough time to go to Kyoto for the day before we had to meet Akira and Masami so we stayed in Osaka went to Osaka Castle
The Japanese have the bathroom mastered and a target on the urinal is much welcomed.

When you get to Japan you are confronted with a super confusing system of railways and ticket machines and maps

3 new beers

it was like a wednesday afternoon and there were plenty of peeps picnicing/bbq'ing/drinking/merrymaking.  Everyone from office peeps to skateboarders.  The fact all these different people can merry make under the cherry blossoms is a great.

Osaka Castle.  We went up to the top

lots of uncomfortable looking office hanami picnics going on where you're forced to hang out and drink with your bosses.  Also a lot of comfortable looking ones too.

we tried to find the robataya that Vivi took me to 5 yrs ago but ended up at Maguroya just down the street for all the tuna you could want.  How awesome does this look?

maybe it looks even better from Jen's phone with the Japanese craft IPA and draft beer in the shot too.  Much appreciated after 48 hrs of traveling.
also tuna, also delicious.

We stayed with Akira 松村明 and Masami, now married.  Akira plays every night at this members club, Maeda and Masami happened to be playing with him that night.  I had some Japanese whiskey (Hakushu 12 yr) and someone ran out to buy us takoyaki.  why is everyone so nice to us.  Akira's dad said it's $100 to sit down at this tiny members club, and his mom said no.  But I would believe it's $100 to have a drink here.  There were like 10 seats and they have Akira playing jazz piano there every night.  After this we collected our luggage from a nearby locker and drove home and had more drinks and went to bed exhausted.

Akira and Masami at Maeda in Osaka from Jason Raish on Vimeo.