Winter Remains

well winter is a grisly old sob so we had one last storm and one last sledding session.

we had a chance to check out a lot of new sets of stairs.  Really need a good sled next season

I gave stevie a push a little too zealously a few times in a row.  oops

stevie goes balls to the wall when he sleds, he has no control, he lets it all go

stevers wore latex gloves under his fingerless gloves for some reason

Morgenthal Frederics x Rosie Assoulin event

beer tasting day, our beer came out!  and we were able to get drunk on it.  It's not as hoppy as its supposed to be cuz we forgot to dry hop it after a week but it was still not bad.

delivery couriers will bring stuff for jen's work sometimes and usually they are on bike or car but this time this older laid back black gentleman came by motorcycle and it was freezing out.

Stacy Yoo's 30th birthday party with the 3 Yoo sisters ended up at Tender Trap in Greenpoint.