A Honeymoon in Asia - Tokyo - Days 3 and 4

Soon we would all be drunk little tanukis
we went straight from the airport to Yakitori time.  Even Jeff Yeh was there on a business trip.  Kinue's husband Kenji too.  

a long karaoke session

Zima is still alive and well in Japan

one more drink under the tracks

this was our Harajuku and Shibuya day, but first breakfast at Bread and Tapas near John and Masako's house.  Everything was delicious.

Blue Brick Lounge in Minami Aoyama

Warhammer is one of the nerdiest things you can do

Beers at Big Love record shop in lesser trafficked Harajuku

we met up with Chika in Shibuya and embarked on a super spicy ramen adventure.  Usually Japanese stuff is not spicy at all because they can't/don't really eat spicy food so well.  This ramen however was SPICY.  We got level 5 and 6 and 6 was starting to be on the unenjoyable end, so for Japanese people it must be torture.

I can eat some pretty spicy stuff but I would recommend only going as high as level 5 because you want to actually taste your food.  It was good stuff though.

Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto is the name of the joint.

Just 3 girlfriends hanging out on a Sunday night

Nintendo lost their lawsuit against this go cart rental service because they call it MariCar and not Mario Kart.  I don't see how they could lose, they are dressed up like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, etc...  You just need a driver's license or international license to drive these things.  I don't see how it's safe or how it can stay around that much longer.  People are annoyed by it but honestly it looks pretty f'ing fun to me.