A Honeymoon in Asia - Tokyo - Day 2

I guess when you're on vacation in Japan hangovers are masked by your excitement of being in Japan.

I set my alarm and woke up something like 3 hours later so we wouldn't miss the brunch we were supposed to go to.  Turns out everyone was running several hours late and I could have slept more.  The is the view from John and Masako's swanky Minami Azabu apartment.

we went to brunch at Garden House Crafts in this new little area in Ebisu they developed since I lived there.  There's even a brewery there, Spring Valley Brewery

oh Jonny, it's been 18 years, we could have a kid graduation from highschool by now.

Meguro river and the crush of tourists and tokyoites out to soak in the flowers.

Afuri Ramen is now a chain but they're yuzu shio and yuzu shoyu ramen is the bomb.

the view from Ai and James' huge swank apartment in Motoazabu

JP, a korean guy from my Japanese class was in town for business so he came over.  He pulled these out of his bag and everyone was in love with them.
looks like a good time at Roppongi Hills.

We had Kaiten zushi at Pintokona in Roppongi Hills

At Narita airport, I use a Wacom tablet to draw with digitally and here they have it to sign your credit card signature!

with few options left we went with McDonalds, which is better in Japan.  Look at this fried chicken McMuffin for breakfast!  Ok Korea here we come. (but not before we caught our Far'Fetched Asia exclusive pokemon as we were boarding the plane Yes!).