A Honeymoon in Asia - Tokyo - Day 5

We started the day early with breakfast in Tsukiji fish market.  This is part of the chef's omakase set for $38 

I had the uni don bowl.  Sea butter

the market is closed now to the public until 10am because of bad foreigners

Masako scored us tickets to the Ghibli museum as soon as they went on sale and its a good thing she did because they sold out instantly and Steven and his brother couldn't get tix

Ghibli beer tastes how you would think Ghibli beer tastes.  Rounded corners and inoffensive.

No photography allowed so these are all the photos you get.  Its maybe my 7th time going and it is still amazing.

on the way to a gyoza place in Kichijoji

New year's rake hanging in the corner

Next up was a Shimokitazawa tour.  It's a cool little neighborhood.  Ushitora brewery.  It's craft beer and it's Asia so it's expensive.  Good stuff, they would get 5 out of 5 stars except they don't allow tasting before you commit to a pint, so they still have that hurdle to get over.

what a great idea, this onion was simmered in something and topped with pork and green onions.

high end bar snacks

stumbled upon this bar

shibuya crossing

shibuya crossing rain from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

nonbei yokocho, micro bars

just like Foo, Debbie, Salih, and Jennifer's last night in Tokyo we ended our last night at Tight bar.  By coincidence it's the place John and Masako like.  They guy was playing 

Masako's large collection of various umeshu (plum wine) that she made.  impressive.

Well that's it for Tokyo this time around.  Thanks to all my buddies who hung out.  Thanks to John and Masako for hosting us for all those days.  Tokyo stay cool!