Last Bit'O Winter Upstate Edition

we went upstate with the plan of helping my parents fix up the barn but it ended up being so bitterly cold no work happened.
dad made these stairs

Jen had never been to a Perkins so we went and they don't serve the pigs in a blanket of my childhood, no, now they serve this huge monstrosity.  Those are fried chicken and cheese biscuit sandwiches smothered in gravy in the back

these are the adult urinals at this rest stop, so low it's like peeing on your shoes.

The weirdest vending machine i've seen, and I've even lived in Japan.  I was gonna crop this photo but theres a lot of interesting elements on the edges

foot for scale.
12 kinds of dogs to fulfill your rest stop hot dog cravings.  To be fair one row of them are "egg rolls"

got home and tried to taste our beer and measure the alcohol content but it was futile and you don't even do it after bottling anyway.  We really messed that one up.