You're doing what!!!?? aka what's your plan

I’m moving to China/Japan/Korea. My first stop is Beijing, China. I ship out june 1st, 2008 and plan on staying there for 1 year. After that I plan on living in Tokyo, Japan for 1 year. This will be a little harder because they have a pretty tough visa policy. After that I plan on a year in Seoul, South Korea(I can't believe how many people ask, "you're gonna live in North or South Korea"?). Thats the tenative plan. Who knows whats gonna happen though. I might be totally destroyed after a year in China. Of course I'm gonna go to a bunch of other places for little vacations here and there like: Hong Kong, Shanghai, maybe Mongolia, who knows where else. If anyone has any buddies that are dying to hang out with me that are living somewhere cool in asia, especially at any of my destinations let me know! I will be a little short in the buddies dept. for a while when i get over there. My flight to beijing is like 16 hrs and is on China Air, it turns out it is a "no meal" flight. Can you believe that! i picture the flight looking something like this. EDIT: the flight did have a meal, I don't know about Korea now, maybe Hong Kong? I love that place. I haven't set foot on US soil for almost 2 years now. Most things are going according to plan so far - 5/13/10. EDIT: Korea is not going to happen because i've already lived there for a year in 2001-2 so i just stayed for a month in April 2011. I have now started on my European campaign including Barcelona, 3 months, London for 5 months, and Paris for 3 months to a year if i can get an artists visa. I still have dreams of Hong Kong though. - 5/30/11


Jason Raish said...

so it turns out that the flight was direct from JFK to Beijing 13.5 hrs. they did serve 2 meals and they weren't half bad. me and bob did sweat for an hr on the runway in the plane though with no AC for some reason.