This is just a primer. You will be seeing a lot of this guy. Bob is my brother. His real name is Rob/Robert/watever but i call him bob because he hates it. This is a pic from bob's undergrad in math graduation from SUNY Albany. bob would never agree to pose for a photo like this or the many others that i have convinced him to do if left to his own devices. Bob is now pursuing his masters in math at albany. **UPDATE** Bob went on to persue his PHD in some other kind of math at Albany and now is switching schools to some school in Colorado to get a PHD in Math Education. I know i know, Bob is the smart one and i am the artist, what a family. Bob is a Vegetarian. Bob and I work so well together maybe because he is the calm nerdy one that injects common sense and self control into me while i'm the crazy, retard who injects a little fun into bobs life. Our friend melissa once said that bob is so square that it comes around full circle to the point where he's actually so cool. So true. You can see my illustration homage to bob here The Book of Bob
**UPDATE** Bob came with me to China for the first month. He is coming to Japan in June for 3 weeks. Fun will be had, lots of Yen will be spent.