Why are you doing this?

For the experience. I'm not so concerned about gold, hit points, special weapons, spells, defeating the demi-ogre, etc.... I am just looking for some worldly experience. (see diagram above). I studied abroad in Korea in 2000-02 and it was an amazing time. Korea hosted the world cup, it was insane, and I was an energetic 21 yr old with no responsibilities but going to Korean class once a day. Now i'm a tired 27 yr old and I know i'm not going to have a repeat of spring break everyday for 1 year like when i was in korea but that's ok. Since I can remember I wanted to get out of the little town I grew up in. I wanted to go to New York. Now that i've been here for 7 years I'm ready for something new. I feel like i'll be back in NYC to stay someday but I would be a fool not to take the opportunities that are in front of me now.