But What are you gonna do about work?

I am a freelance illustrator (my website) which allows me to be able to relocate to China/Japan/Korea for a few years.

Freelance Illustrators get to sit at home in their boxers and work.
and I don’t have to meet clients in person, all communication is done pretty much through email and sometimes by phone. Final artwork is FTP’d or emailed. I am moving my 917 new york cell phone number over to vonage so art directors, etc... will be able to call that number and get me in China/Japan/Hong Kong?/etc..., the magic of VOIP! . I’ll also have a Chinese/Japanese/Etc... cell phone which will get forwarded calls from my vonage line when i'm out of the house. Slightly more detailed info on this phone thing in this post "What if i miss Jason So much, how can my sonic love rays reach him"? I'm having my checks sent to my parents house and they will deposit them into my bank. The fact that I'm able to still make U.S. dollars is pretty awesome. **UPDATE** I just got an illustration agent, a representative, a rep. This will also help me continue getting work when I am over seas. A rep handles the billing and invoicing and marketing and promotion, basically she gets me work. She can also do things like tell clients how awesome I am where if I said it I would sound like and A-Hole. If clients don't pay up she can also say "Give us our mother lovin' money or else you gone git it"!! If i tried that they would just laugh and put me on hold so they could go tell some other people at the office to come and laugh at me on the phone. She is great and hopefully we can make some magic happen! **UPDATE** The rep didn't work out so I am back running a solo outfit.