What if i miss Jason so much? How can my sonic love rays reach him?

Technology is amazing these days. I am able to carry my 917 new york number over to vonage (VOIP internet phone company). This means i take this tiny little box anywhere in the world and plug it into the internet cable and then into the VOIP phone (looks like a regular cordless house phone) and anyone can still call my 917 new york number and I will get their call. There will be no international charges because you will still be calling the same new york number i have now. Which means you will techically be calling new york, not China/Korea/Japan/etc... I think its pretty awesome! when i'm out of the house I will have that phone forward all calls to my chinese cell phone so you will still be able to reach me even when i am out in the streets making the magic happen. They even have this tiny little USB keychain thing that you can plug into any computer and it turns it into my phone. Amazing! Also there is always AIM, MSN messenger, email, snail mail, facebook, etc... and i should probably get a skype account too. So you can always get at me! **UPDATE** that little usb keychain is no good cuz you have to buy another number to associate with that keychain. i did get skype. The VOIP phone has been working great and I wouldn't have been able to work and fund this trip if it wasn't for this phone.


Karol said...

i'll call you, I PROMISE! and maybe when im out having some drinkies, i'll put you on the phone and it'll feel like you're still here having a good ol time.