Rob Raish reporting for duty

I was just invited to join as a author of this blog because I plan on being a big part of this trip and I am hoping to join the bro in all of his locations atleast once. I will be spending the first month in China with the bro and am loking foward to eating bacon. My goal for china is to eat atleast 5 things wrapped in bacon because bacon is delicious and I have not had in 5 years or so. I also need to get a fly suit for obvious reasons. I am not sure what I am suposed to write in this blog, but the only thing I have done concerning the trip is I found my passport. It was pretty exciting finding it and realizing that this is going to be the time of life and it is awesome that I get to share it with my bro.


Roger Haus said...

What a sandwich man!!!
Great Blog. Greetings from Barcelona

Jason Raish said...

Hooray for bob eating meat! Now I don't have to come up behind you and slam Peking duck on your head in a fancy restaurant and embarrass us really badly.