Cameras, good ol' stainless steel tanks

on the left is what i had when i studied abroad in korea in 2001. the compact flash card based powershot s300. it was state of the art, 2 megapixel shot 20 fps movies up to 30 seconds and was a stainless steel sherman tank, a real rugged trooper. only problem was it was still a little too big to carry in your pocket without feeling like you had a little bowling ball in your pocket. Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2 (played by McCully Culkin) could have thrown this off the top of the roof instead of a brick to knock out the wet bandits. on the right is what i will be taking this year to China. the SD1000, 7 megapixel, 30 fps movies. this is also stainless steel and hopefully it will be a rugged little humvee or something smaller than a sherman tank. this one is small enough carry in pocket without it looking like i ate too many cheeseburgers and have really fat upper thighs.