But do you speak Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Spanish/French?

Nope! I speak some Korean from when i studied abroad there in 2001. It's been like 7 yrs and I have forgotten so much of it. I am studying Chinese via Pimsleur audio mp3s on my Ipod and Chinese class at F.I.T.(which was pretty useless cuz it was basically just a course fulfilling easy class) . I guess I have to learn Japanese while in china (Didn't happen), maybe take Chinese class and Japanese class. I am ok with not speaking these languages because it makes it more like an adventure. I actually love how im being tossed into these countries with no idea what going on or where i am. **UPDATE** I learned enough Mandarin in China to be able to do what i needed to do and have super basic conversations. I am a fool and should have taken classes for the whole time I was there instead of only 3 months. All that free time did allow me to live a stress free life but China is taking over the world and it would be nice to be able to speak decent Mandarin now. I took Japanese class in Tokyo 3.5 hrs a day 5 days a week and have forgotten most of my Chinese. I learned enough to be able to have simple conversations. -5/30/11 **UPDATE** I was in Seoul for a month and started remembering some Korean and forgetting other languages. I am now taking Spanish class 2 hrs a day 5 days a week for a month then might cut back to 3 days a week. I have already forgotten a lot of my Japanese :( -5/30/11


JungEun said...

You are a true adventurer!