What about Bob?

My brother bob will be flying out to Beijing with me and staying for the first month. This will be a momentous occasion because "Bob" is a vegetarian but has decided in order to get the full cultural experience to participate in the consumption of meat. Bob admits that meat is in fact delicious and he will be tickled pink the first time he gets to bite into a suculant, juicy, protein rich, morsel of Peking Duck and not be anemic for a month. I used to give bob a hard time about being vegetarian but after like 5 yrs of him keeping it up i've realized that hes not going back. So it wont be as fun as if i tricked him like once everyday we were in china into eating meat because he didnt know what he was eating. Me and bob are planning on getting custom tailored white suits (cuz their so cheap there!) with matching white fedoras and possibly the white wingtips i've always wanted. We would then wear these around and get beaten up very badly but not before we had some laughs! **UPDATE** Bob says he plans on visiting me in all of my long term destinations, Japan and Korea also! The Bob will not fade away after China, The memory of sweet, savory, nourishing Asian meat will haunt him and he will be back for more!
**UPDATE** We did get those white 3 piece suits made with matching custom made white shoes, we just havent been in the same place at the same time yet to wear them because they were completed after bob had left china already. Bob did cream in his pants after eating Peking duck, especially the skin dipped in sugar. Bob most looks forward to eating Miso Katsu when he visits Japan in June.


JungEun said...

ㅋㅋ this is so funny. good luck to Bob and his meat