Beginning Bits O 2019 - Part Two

a trip to Virginia to see Jen's sister's new kids. This is Emma, and I didn't get a pic of Noah

humble beginnings

Steven's pal Adia Victoria is a big name now and she was in town playing a show.

helped Bartlett move studios from Greenpoint to Gowanus. Along the way he smashed the side mirror off on a parked semi

APA recipe from Johnny Ribiero turned out good but slightly purple for some reason. The most hoppy one we've made to date and we even cut back on some of the hops cuz we thought the IBU level was insane.

The oat stout was sitting around for 6 weeks by the time it was done. We threw in a little bit of beast yeast and it came back to life and ended up being 7% ABV but not very good.

Dinner at now Michelin starred Jeju noodle bar where Jini works. Its in the spot the Nighthawks coffee shop used to be in, aka the Nighthawks painting by Edward Hopper. 

was delicious and good luck getting a table now that it has a Michelin star.

Steven's portion of the winter brews

future jason here to tell you that slow cooking pork shoulder as opposed to pressure cooking is better. Pressure cooking takes like an hour but it leaves it dryer and less flavorful which seems like common sense but when you're in a dinnertime pinch you gotta do what you gotta do.

these days I kind of improvise so I used nectarine soda to make a sweet glaze sauce and t'was pretty great.
two martins and two taylors, my dad's  guitar collection


Cormac is a weirdo, he does this by himself sometimes.

and also this he does unprompted.
Brut IPA is a hot new dry style of beer. This one from Sierra Nevada is decent.