Beginning Bits O 2019 - Part Four

Day 2 back on the roof. We used chicken wire U shaped nails and they were super un-enjoyable to hammer in cuz they are so short we had to hold them with needle nose pliers and they don't go in nicely like a normal nail. After a day of that and getting very little wire installed I borrowed a stable gun from Kimie and it went 1000x faster.

finally ate a MRE given to us by Larry Lawrence (Meal Ready to Eat famously known as army food).

There's a ton of food in this thing

fruit punch, cranberries, energy bar

civilized things

supposed to be cornbread stuffing, was gross. Overall the MRE was fine and i'm sure in the field you'd be ultra happy to have it.

another day another quiche.

Our 3rd Anniversary night on the town. Started with cocktails at Mother of Pearl
then it was on to dinner at Noreetuh, fancy Hawaiian food. Here's some big eye tuna poke.
Kalua Pork Cavatelli 

Mochiko fried chicken.

Then it was one to Angel's Share for a cocktail

Then on to Angel Share's sister speakeasy nextdoor at Sharaku.

Went to Jill and Derek's in Sharon CT to borrow some camping gear. There's this trail that goes from their house all the way to Millerton.

that car key that was lost for over a year turned out to be in the rubber gasket of their washing machine the whole time.

camping gear achieved.

we finally did what i've been wanting to do, charge directly up the hill across from their house. 
Kent Falls Brewery on the way back.


Kent Falls using paper can holders instead of plastic. thumbs up.
directly after CT was Steven's 5th yr in America anniversary so we all dressed up as Steven and partied. Unfortunately we have no photos of all of us dressed as steven. This was the most fun packed weekend in a long time for Bob so he was very sick for weeks after this.