2018 Illustration Roundup Part Five

Section cover illo for The StarTribune in Minnesota about fraud, especially against the elderly. These people are the scum of the earth and if you want to hear an example of how they do it listen to this episode of the planet money podcast to hear this elderly woman get scammed several times. These are our grandmas! I really liked this other The Farside-esque idea I had also. https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2018/10/03/654124255/episode-680-anatomy-of-a-scam

Bachelorette parties are part of the New Orleans economy wether you like it or not. For New Orleans Magazine.

E-Yoga uses technology to stimulate the brain while doing yoga or meditating to enhance the effects. For The New Scientist.

For Golf Magazine’s Rules Guy column. This month there were several questions that involved deferring to the your local golf course committee and socialist theories. Mao, Stalin, Lenin

When I lived in Tokyo I took up the Japanese tradition of sending a new year zodiac animal postcard. 2019 is the year of the pig (but in Japan it's the boar). In the old days they called wild boars "mountain whales". Even now they call young boars "melon boy" because they have stripes like a watermelon until the age of 1. From top to bottom is says "happy new year", then 2018 (in a special year numbering system), then the special character for boar, used only for the year of the boar. The red stamp is my name stamp.

Don’t forget, how we treat our robots and voice assistants is seen by our kids and peers. For BBC Focus

The 1950s was a repressed era where racism was pervasive. As I searched for 50s photo reference I found that 100% of the models were Caucasian so I used people of color in my art. Prim and proper meets rebellion and self expression. wide peak lapel suit, collar bar, wide collar shirt, wingtip shoes, straw boater hat, Japanese Ukiyo-e tattoos, waistcoat. This series was chosen for the Society of Illustrator's annual show. 

For The Nation’s books issue about Ottessa Moshfegh’s book, My Year of Rest and Relaxation about a young woman who is cynical, messed up, a trust fund kid, works at a gallery at one point, attractive like a model, and hates her world and her participation in it. Lots of surreal passages. I also liked this sketch as well. https://www.thenation.com/article/ottessa-moshfeghs-contemporary-gothic/

A guy asks about a practice swing displacing a few grains of sand. For Golf Magazine's Rules Guy column.