Beginning Bits O 2019 - Part Three

Jean Michel Basquiat at the Brant Foundation is their inaugural show, right down the street on 6th street from Foo. The building used to be a ConEd substation and now its a huge awesome looking 4 floor art space.
view from inside.

Amor y Amargo

The design for Helms Deep 2.0 (Currently considering renaming it Laputa II) was altered many times over a few months and this is the final version we went to the the roof with. It shook out pretty much like this. There were a few mis calculations that were caught before something bad happened. Backstory: Last year I fashioned a bird netting covering over the garden space and it kept the squirrels out for a few months but eventually the started chewing through the netting every day. Once a neighbor said she saw a raccoon on her balcony and Jen saw one smoking a cigarette and talking on his phone in front of our building I knew that extreme measures had to be taken. Thus began the journey of creating a "Castle in the Sky" free from rodents/birds/ne'er-do-wells who wish to undermine our garden paradise.
From Hayao Miyazaki's classic movie Castle in the Sky (Tenku No Shiro Laputa in Japanese). Laputa was originally from 1726 Gulliver's Travels novel by Jonathan Swift which I didn't know til i googled it. I think it serves as a grand metaphor for our green and verdant fortress floating in the sky (the roof) which is practically and legally not a permanent structure.

didn't buy this but wondered why it had to be camouflaged. 
fit a bunch of 2x4s and 2x2s in Black beauty. Really needed 2x2x12s but wouldn't fit so had to splice some boards together.
ok let's make this 8ft tall, 12 ft wide, 4 ft deep squirrel and raccoon proof cage.

learning the "nuances" of wood. Like how none of the lumber is cut super precisely. 

This is like 6 hours of work on day 1. Steven and I greatly underestimated how much time this would take several times. (total time needed 3 days). We thought we'd get it done in one day.

4 issues of BBC Science Focus with my illos in them.

another garbage room find

Misome greens flowering in March in the greenhouse is weird.

this side track lighting going out on the train looked more dramatic in real life than in the photo.

Reception, a bar with Korean inspired cocktails.

Lettuce greens: chrysanthemum, mizuna, buttercrunch, red leaf.

FOB, Filipino BBQ on Smith street. Was delish, my fave was some kinda coconut milk kale thing.

I ordered a Panga Drops beer from Nicaragua at Bar San Miguel and didn't expect this little fella.