Beginning Bits O 2019 - Part One

it's now May 18th, 2019 and I haven't posted in many months so there's going to be a blast of posts from the first quarter of 2019

It's my birthday and Jen made me this Nugg Life apron with nuggs as 6 pack muscles. Bob came over with 20 piece nuggs

bday gathering at our place
i'll give you something to cry about bro

wild fermented cider is really wild. Fast forward to later and it turns out the wild yeast one doesn't taste that great, we even racked this into secondary. Maybe it will age and taste better....

The nugg life really spoke to me in February. I found this new fryer set in the garbage room, and being married to the nugg life i had to take it

stuff still lives in the greenhouse, doesn't really grow that much but lives on

we were not having good efficiency (extracting the most sugars possible from the grains) with our all grain brews and suspected we were losing effeciency to heat loss over the 1 hr steeping time. I got this radiant heat insulation and fashioned a sleeve and lid for it and greatly improved effciency

The Thin Place mead tasting party at Steven's House. (The Thin Place is stevie's mead project).

'The Light' at MCC was a very woke play with set design by Kimie Nishikawa

After 2 brew sessions i looked under the sink and discovered it was flooded!!! We sopped everything up and the next day I took a closer look and found that the pipe corroded and there was a hole in it!!!!! I replaced it with PVC flex pipe and hacksawed other PVC pipes to fit and seal it together. Home ownership is crazy and I don't know why they'd make pipes that can corrode.

got 2 of these LED grow light bulbs from Sansi for $25 each. They're white light, not neon pinkish because Jen wouldn't like seeing that all the time because they have to be on like 12-14 hrs a day. The neon pink ones work a little better peeps say. They seemed to work out fine and are supposed to be super energy efficient. Normal lightbulb next to it for scale.
wanted to make a persimmon beer but at the time Persimmons were really expensive and not in season so we decided to gamble on making a gallon with this dried pack.
it went crazy and we had to add this blow off tube. All that sugar from the Persimmons made a giant yeast party. Future Jason here, after it bottle conditioned for a few months it tasted pretty decent and a persimmon beer might be cool to try again (with real persimmons). 

Chocolate Milk stout with lactose powder we made came out decent, only got to 3.5% ABV though.
All of our cider aging in the closet.