The November Bits

midterm election day at our polling place in Park Slope, it was not fun

The sungold cherry tomato plant is still going at it

pepper plant going at it again but wouldn't have enough time left in the season

I got the meat grinder attachment for our kitchen aid mixer so I could finally make the bespoke nuggs i've been dreaming of. I used a 50/50 mix of thigh and breast and threw in skin and fatty bits with some salt and pepper and can't remember if there was more

I didn't take any good photos but I tried a variety of coatings like: flour egg flour, katakuriko egg katakuriko (made it like karaage), flour egg panko. Fried in peanut oil with a touch of seasame oil and yes it was delicious. I don't have a sauce plan yet. So far my nuggs asides on facebook have had the most engagement. I said, don't pretend that you don't like nuggs because I know you do, and slowly but surely the nuggs lovers of facebook showed themselves, stood up, and said, i'm not afraid to say that I love nuggs.

American Illustration party 2018 edition
Ate dinner at Ugly Baby a newish thai restaurant in Carroll Gardens and the stuff we ordered was super spicy

At least 5 condos around us being built

Jen's surprise birthday party at Dirty Precious, she kinda knew by the time we were getting into a cab to come here

Then we rented the big karaoke room at Insa. The unexpected team of The Olsen's and Steven brought the jet fuel energy needed to bring us up to cruising altitude and it was probably the most fun karaoke night thus far.

Jen evaporated last night. 
Jen was hungover on the couch so I went in search of a satisfying breakfast sandwich for us and stubbled upon the NYC marathon passing by our street on a crisp beautiful sunny day. As I stood there also hungover, I was a captive audience member of sorts because I wasn't in my usual gotta get stuff done mode. I stood there and watched for a few minutes as the crowd cheered on strangers, strangers interacted with the crowd and it made me tear up. Here are thousands of people who have trained and sacrificed all year long to achieve this goal together but separately in one giant race that they're doing for themselves but yet strangers cheer them on with genuine goodwill. I'm convinced this is one of the best things humanity does. What a beautiful thing. Afterwards I went back home and we watched TV all day....

Jen randomly received this book from amazon unless there is some reader who will admit to sending it.

Ice up on the roof so it was time to harvest the last of the cherry tomatoes.

growing season is officially over, crazy that it made it until november.

wow really cool bro

Thanksgiving in Arlington with Jen's entire fam.
Great art in the Washington Post by Winold Reiss.

mold? we racked the cider into a secondary fermenter leaving behind the trub and the problem went away and fast forward to january 20th 2019 the cider turned out fine.