New Year's Eve 2018

Our sad grey future.

look how dumb bob looks.
we are old now and no one particularly cared about partying on New Year's eve so we just had a little thing at our house again.

poor Jen had to hang out with us. Steven and Foo's Japanese girlfriends were both in Japan so that had nothing else to do but hang out with us.

we spent the ball drop at Buttermilk

don't get excited about 2019 you fools, spoiler alert, it's grey

look how dumb bob looks

Happy New Year....yay

steven got 3 sheets to the wind and we convinced him to sleep over and he really wanted to go home but he came back to our house as did everyone else and he'd take his coat and boots and vest off and lay down and then 2 min later we'd see him sit up, put his vest and coat on and go to the door and put his boots on and then we'd say something like don't go steven we'll miss you, and then he'd grunt and close the door and take his boots off and his vest and coat and lay down again. This happened at least 3 times and we all laughed a lot. Eventually he got a Lyft car home and bob had to go with him downstairs because he kept wanting to just walk off before the car was there. 2019 started with a hangover once again.