The December Bits

Those dang New Orleans tourists on cans of Prophets and Nomads gose beer for Collective Arts Brewery in Canada. I've heard this can is available in some places in the USA.

lots of instant pot action and this grease splatter screen thing actually works for the most part
we were both really busy during the lead up to xmas as always so I went to Lowe's to get an xmas tree and did have or take the time to look at the tree that was already wrapped up in plastic netting, it looked ok so i brought it home then literally 2 full grocery bags worth of needles fell out of it. The tree was kind of serviceable, def not the best. buying a tree from a big box store vs the guys that come in from out of town to sell you a really expensive tree is a decision that isn't the nicest to make. a tree for $30 at lowes or $60 on the street..... Those guys aren't even local and then Lowe's is a big corporate faceless monster. At least I learned the lesson that you should inspect the tree, just wait in that line to have the netting cut off so you can check out what you're buying >.<

made a wreath out of the extra branches though. Jen was working furiously to finish all her stuff for her graduating show during all this

went upstate to help my parents out cuz my dad got knee surgery again.

their new fancy generator for when the power goes out during snow storms

$600+ to fill this tank.

Jen's graduation show from Shillington 
She gave this to Ellen and Luke and they actually framed it

more Karaoke, this time at Space Karaoke in K town and it was super expensive which is too bad cuz it was a cool place with a bar outside and dance floor. It was so expensive that we can't go back there

A finger lakes winery that is our favorite. Not saying who it is cuz I guess this does happen to corks sometimes and we don't want to trash them. The wine was still good though.

our xmas present to each other came finally, the TCL 6 series 55" tv. Jen wasn't super stoked about it but I think was just happy that our gift thing to each other could be over. 
We enjoyed it while we could be noticed dark vertical banding all over the screen when a bright scene would show. So for example on planet earth II a hawk dive bombing some critter in prospect park against a white sky and you see dark blotches. I looked this up and tons of reviews online from people with the same problem some even having it after getting 3 of the tvs. The panel lottery they call it. DSE (dirty screen effect) is what they call the blotches. So best buy came to pick it up and refunded me and now we're back to the tiny 32 inch 12 yr old TV and now Jen wishes we had our bigger TV. I'm just waiting for the price of the other TV i was considering to drop and then we'll be back in the game. Just a matter of time.

an Indonesian Civet Cat digested this coffee which makes it super expensive and it's delicious. Cori got this for us when they went to Bali. 
we all went out for drinks on black eye friday (a brittish tradition called such because the brits like to get very drunk and give each other black eyes the friday before xmas). Steven got this gift from us.
the exact shirt from two halloweens ago when they went to an 90s themed Halloween party and he wore this shirt and hated it and threw it in a dumpster in a fit of rage and we fished it out unbeknownst to him. Merry Christmas Steven Hedley.