After HarvestFest

After coming back from HarvestFest had to go to the brew store the next day to pick up another brew bucket to ferment 18 gallons of cider to my name. Adam and Steven both have 10 gallons each and the others have some gallons for normal drinking. I had to ride my bike cuz it sucks trying to find parking so I figured out this solution.
after getting the cider in the fermenting vessels we campden tablet'd them to kill off bacteria
Then we pitched these 3 yeasts the next day, Belgian Saison, SafCider, and Premier Cotes des Blancs white wine yeast. We also let 2 gallons go wild and ferment with the natural yeasts already snuggled up with the apples.
Shiso growing well in the window

I've been wanting to try a shiso beer experiment. In the end you couldn't taste it and I think i'd need to put in at least 4x more
10 gallons of beer and 18 gallons of cider. Jen is not thrilled

microwave some apple cider donuts and some coffee for an afternoon snack if you care about yourself. Thrilling content on this blog these days.

a last harvest of Korean peppers, hopefully next year will be better.
Polish butcher coming through again with these perogis.

Nakamura ramen in the lower east side is good stuff and we ordered these Kagua beers without knowing how much they were ($14!!!) and that its wit beer (which i don't like). Really cool bottle shape though.

hops growing over the fence at the garden down the street. Maybe i'll ask next year to see if i can take them because it looks like no one else did this year.

The inner workings of the Polish butcher shop

Halloween was just drinks at Freddy's and I dressed in my running of the bulls outfit cuz i didn't have anything else 

another time at freddy's brainstorming and sketching with jen on a project

Korean pinky promise in two steps