Went to Canisteo to help the parents with the new puppy cuz my dad had foot surgery.  Moms drove with one of her Newf club friends to Tennessee to pick up Cormac, who's dad would be in the Westminster dog show a week later.  His mom is a champion also.
the dogs don't really know what to make of this 10 week old thing.  He weighed 29 pounds and we saw him the day he arrived.  At night he would cry in his crate and the other dogs would bark at him to shut up and it worked.  after a few days he was able to sleep most of the night.  He would randomly pee but that was under control after a while.
would ya look at that.
Cormac the Newfoundland Puppy from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

i guess newf pups have super sharp little teeth that are like thorns that fall out after a while.  What a cute little guy he didn't even know how to walk or sit down or be alive.

it was also super bowl sunday so i made pork,veal,beef sliders and beer cheese and homemade pretzel bites and jen made 7 layer dip.

Angus wants nothing to do with this new guy, he probably knows whats gonna happen cuz he's seen this before with brody.  He's gonna grow up to be huge and jump all over him 

Stevie and Kimie got this Tanuki for my mom in Japan for the garden.  How nice

hey buddy do you want to party?

Harper, the infamous toy stealer, was tolerating Cormac stealing her toys

Come on man, this is bad enough as it is.

little guy is just trying to fit in

So this is an entire post of puppy pics, but who doesn't like puppies?  Ted Bundy maybe?

this amazeballs super cool thing also happened, Space X launched its heavy falcon rocket into space with Elon Musk's personal Tesla car onboard headed for an orbit around mars.  They recovered the side rockets in simultaneous landings that was the most amazing thing i've seen maybe ever, the center rocket missed the mark when trying to land on the ocean platform.  The payload made it to space and I don't know if it made its mars orbit trajectory or not.  whilst they greased up light poles with crisco in Philadelphia cuz the Eagles won the superbowl to prevent fans from climbing them in a joyous car burning rampage, peeps of the world should be climbing greased light poles because of this.

Pretty Sweet Driving conditions from Jason Raish on Vimeo.

Also this was our drive back home we were stuck in a snow storm, 9 hr drive.