February Continues

Yoon came to visit

Got all my seeds ready for march 1st
view from Bilge's apt overlooking Washington Square park
Dia Chelsea, Rita McBride.  You're just walking down the street in daylight and open a door and you're in here.

David Zwirner gallery, Stan Douglas

finally ate at The Spotted Pig, headchef april bloomfield's spot, also in the media recently for being a place of industry misogny going on after hours


braised duck leg on horse radish potatoes.  good stuff.

We are too old for clubs but Foo's friend who runs this new place in the basement of the new 50 Bowery hotel told him he should come.  Tons of asian people.  By the time it's full at 1:30am we are too tired to do anything.

One last stop at our old stomping grounds, Kenka, until closing time.  Didn't see Manabu working that night but if he still works there that's a long time cuz he was working there when i was in college in 2002.

Been wanting to try this "perfect little egg sandwhich" at Dominique Ansel bakery.  Its a steamed egg and grueyre cheese on a brioche bun.  It was good but not worth waiting for.  I would get as much satisfaction out of a dense greasy egg sandwich from anywhere.

the famed cronut (croissant doughnut hybrid)  that people would wait in line for hours for back in it's hayday.  this one was filled with some kinda fruit jam which was too sweet.  This was also good but also not worth waiting for.  To be fair the craze has worn off and we waited in line for less than 5 minutes to order and then 15-20 min for the egg sandwiches to be ready.  so I guess you could have a cronut in 5 min in your mouth now if you so desired.  We both agreed that it was good but could have just gone to the corner deli.  This was great food writing wasn't it?

Manhattan Chinatown New Year's parade, one of many over several weekends.

the Moutai baijiu float, expensive and gross chinese rice wine.

We hit our final gravity on both kinds of beer meaning the alcohol content of the beer is exactly what it should be.  4.5% for the little guy session ipa and 5.2% for the resistor pale ale.  Things are looking good!


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