Another February

Valentines day haemul jeongol with fish and octopus from the farmers market

It's brew time again, this time we brewed 5 gallons resistor pale ale and 5 gallons of little guy session ipa.

Jen says this looks like a modern renaissance painting.

here is our wort chiller in action.  after you boil and steep the grains and hops you have to cool that liquid down as fast as possible because the longer its sitting around the more chance there is for it to get contaminated.  You need to get it down to 72F.  Usually this process is done by putting the pot in an ice bath and takes like 1.5 hours or more.  This time with the wort chiller it took 9 minutes!

we put 1 gallon aside and added spruce extract as a little experiment.

My little guy's first day at school.  She didn't want to pose with her backpack and lunchbox and ran away so this is all I got.  They grow up so fast.

Saw the olympics opening ceremonies at Abeline.  There's Mikey Pence seated in front of N Korea leader Kim Jung Un's sister.  Future people, this was a very tense time with the US and N Korean leaders Trump and Un throwing insults back and forth and threatening nuclear war.

this one apartment complex up the street from us just keeps on throwing out stuff i need for the garden.  these 8 ft poles will be for the bird netting structure this year yea!

bought this Mohu Leaf metro tv antennae with a 25 mile range.  we get about 60 channels on it including ABC, NBC, CBS so we can watch tv the few times a year we need to like the olympics, the oscars, new years's eve.  It cost $16  Pretty amazing this flat piece of plastic you can hide behind picture frames and stuff.

this is like the one thing that Northern England has and steven didn't even go.

our ever diminishing view.  There's at least 3 condos going up in front of us, the one in the very front is the size of a whole block.  There's one across the street from it that hasn't come up yet.

I found a letter from the DMV saying my licence was expiring under a stack of crap on my desk so I had to go to the Atlantic Terminal DMV to try and get the new enhanced license that everyone needs to have by 2020.  It is the busiest DMV in America.  I was there for 5 hours and then bought groceries and my bike tire popped so i had to walk home with an over sized backpack stuffed with groceries for 50 min.  At least I planned out the garden for the most part whilst waiting at the DMV.

are these scallions still alive after the brutal winter of temps down into the teens?

home brew or ET?  he's out here getting warm cuz the yeast wasn't warm enough in the closet (maybe).