Nose of the New Year

The nose of the new year, like the opening notes of a table wine, were, ok I guess.
this little guy just got a real big big boy computer.  The newest imac 27" 5k retina screen will do quite nicely for her studies and beyond.  Also I was so chuffed with myself because I had a $2,000 apple store credit from when my laptop's logic board fried 3 times and they gave me credit and I only had to pay $60 to get this computer.  I was as chuffed as an old man who loves a deal.
two of my 1950s tattooed ladies at the Society of Illustrators annual show part 1.

one of Johnny Dombrowski's sleeves

domestic adventures.  bathroom ceiling fan has been super loud forever. Didn't realize it was plugged into its own socket.  After taking it out, taking it apart and cleaning it t still makes noise so maybe i'll have to order a new fan.

extra curricular activities meet domestic chores.  The faucet has been broken and I researched for hours a faucet that would satisfy our normal needs and also accept one of the thousands of combinations of adapters so we can connect our wort chiller copper coil beer cooling down device to it.  After hours and hours and hours of research, a few trips to Lowes, I finally fiddled with the missing button hole and found that maybe i could just order a new $3 button and fix the faucet which was stuck on spray.  I also eventually found the right adapter by unscrewing the whole faucet head and connecting to the little hose.  So we get to keep this $250 sink faucet and do the beer cooling process in record time.
We love the Polish butcher down the street.  on thursdays they make Gołąbki (pronounced gowomki) which means pigeon, cuz of the shape.  it's minced pork or beef with rice or barely stuffed in a cabbage leaf with some kind of delicious sauce.

some one sent me this or amazon messed up but this was in an amazon envelope.  Was it a secret santa xmas present?  I don't get it.

The theatre by the park, the closest to our house is being revamped by the peeps that do Nitehawk cinema in williamsburg, I hope its cool cuz if it is we'll be there like once a week.

christened it with Beef and Guinness stew.

Stevers and Kimie came back from Japan and gave us all this stuff including shichimi togarashi that was mixed before their eyes and another famous commercially available one., thanks dudes

that blur is Jill Drew, she was in town for showings of Robert Drew films at the IFC.  We saw On the Road with Duke Ellington and had dinner with Jell, Seth, and Friend

one of the failed adaptor attempts that didn't fit and also had this cool warning sticker.

found this on the street, don't know what it is but plan on making it into a seed stand to maximize space in the sunny window.

Jen made phở gà in the instant pot, which is Vietnamese chicken pho soup.  It was delicious, lots of star anise.

my birthday, Jen got me this for my birthday lunch.  I love nuggs so much.  She also made sujaebi for breakfast which I love.

went to steven's for birthday hotpot and laser cut this with Kimie's new laser cutter.

Society of Illustrators Annual show opening part 2 a month later, had this NYtimes piece in the show.

Artist and Craftsman Supply on 2nd street and 4th ave Brooklyn.