Where Has Jason Been?

Where has Jason been?  the answer is working and super sick

these glorified scooters for giant man babies are rediculous

I finally got new running shoes.  it's seriously been like 2 years.  you're supposed to replace them every 6 months.  These Nike Free Run +3 shoes are as light as a feather and seem like they're made out of spandex.  So far they have been pretty sweet.  I thought i would look super cool but i look like i have special needs because i'm wearing bright blue shoes

making dumplings.  Pork and leek in one, crab and goat cheese in the other.  I guess they're frenchified 

supposedly it's on.  that's what i said a few weeks ago when i finally bought this used easel from some guy online.  and it was one.  I was steam rolling 2013 and getting sh!t done, and then i got super sick

Etienne, the guy at Sauver le Monde Des Hommes in the Marais.  I bought a few things at his store since i've been here.  they consistently have cool stuff for dudes.  He is the buyer and the operation is run by him and his mom.

Pro same sex marriage protest.  it was definitely way more fun and party like.  there was a big truck pumping out dance music at some point.

Moai for my "Collapse" artwork.  I'll post it soon

is that a cucumber in your pocket or...? (yes actually it is.  i chuckled to myself as i walked home with a single cucumber in my pocket (to make kim bap)).

theatre in the Marais

Mimi's birthday party

Mimi and Elisa

this guy is a drummer and was feeling the music is such a "white boy" way.  but it was cool cuz you could really tell he really was feeling the music and he looks like he should be in the dave brubeck quartet in the 60's.

meanwhile in Paris.... this looks like it could be brooklyn

and then after working a ton and my birthday i became super sick.  I was clocking 102.8 degree fevers.  I finally went to the hospital after 6 days and they gave me Ketek antibiotics and tamiflu.  I looked up Ketek and it said that there have been more than a few cases of it giving people liver failure and damage.  In the instructions it says a list of reasons to stop taking it immediately if X happens.  Having dark, tea colored urine was one reason, which happened to me after 1 dose.  It means it could be causing liver damage.  I went to the hospital again, which it turns out is a clinic, not a hospital.  first i went to the pharmacy and told them  and asked them to call the hospital for me.  I did this because the day before when they were giving me my prescriptions they said that the dose of tamiflu the doctor prescribed me was really low.  they called the hospital and the doctor adjusted the dose and so they were able to give me a standard box of tamilflu.  sounds like this doctor is bad.  So I like to think my plan of getting the pharmacy to call the hospital was good because when i got there they said oh you're the guy from the pharmacy and I was seen in 20 minutes, whereas the day before they told me there were no openings until the next day.  the doctor i saw before was not in that day so i saw another one that said, yea, i don't really like Ketek, you should just stop taking it because what you have is viral anyway.  he used a stethascope at least, the doctor the day before didn't.  neither of them asked me if i was taking any prescription medicines and i didnt have to fill out any paperwork at all or medical history forms.  It cost 23 euros.  Is my liver damaged now?  I FU$^%^%$%^&ing hope not!  An article in the new england journal of medicine said that it shouldn't have even been approved by the FDA cuz a lot of tests were fudged.  People out there do not take Ketek!  and as for french healthcare?  i dont know about it because i'm not on it with my visa and i went to a clinic and not a hospital.  hopefully i will never know what it's like.  so in the end i was cured with tamiflu.  liver damage maybe.  tomorrow i go back to grabbing 2013 by the balls.