Paris Under a Blanket of Snow

I woke up and it was snowing.  I just came back from Madrid the day before and was tired but I knew this might be my only chance this year so i sprang out of bed and got to it.  Here are 50 photos of Paris in the snow.

our back yard the day before 

our street the day before.

my photo shootin' gear.

snowed a decent amount over night.

cool house at the end of our street.

the other end of our street

A kiss of spring from a lovely french fairy in a snow storm

shot from the line 6 metro

from the line 6 metro

Eiffel Tower from Trocadero

around Trocadero

look at that face.  it was born to be punched.  these petite connards were lobbing snowballs down the stairs at people and run away when the turned around to look

subway entertainment

I trekked all the way out to the Arc de Triomph but it was closed on top due to weather.  I wasn't happy, i hate champs elysees so bad and i wasted precious snow time!

man i wish this was in focus.  he had an armful of snowballs for someone

oh hello

on a hot tip I went to Montmartre next.  Great choice because everyone was having fun.  It was a virtual winter wonderland.  snowball fights, sledding, snow angels, you name it.  everyone was out and about and smiling

seconds later the little kid in green got hit in the ear and started crying.  2 hours later Jason Raish got hit in the ear and started crying

actually no f!uck you dude. if you're wearing boots like that i'm gonna prends your photo!

tiny doorway

you've seen this shot in the fall

there's a vineyard on Montmartre?

what a pixie this girl was. she had a cool dog too but i couldn't get a good shot.

if you were worried because of the snow and everything worry not, T money is still alive

no Henri, unfortunately there is only room for one giant man baby mayan pan flute hippie mountain climbing douche bag in this town and therefore I will continue wearing the pancho.

Sacre Coeur from the back

why dudes?  they are guarding the ! out of that snow.

sliding down cobble stones on bags after the kids have wiped away all the snow all day probably hurts. so does slamming into the cars at the bottom.

super skinny house

Paris was beautiful all day until the real Paris started showing its ugly head again.

Kaz the golden doodle.  I came home and me, josh, gavin, and nicolette had a snowball fight in the street.  Julie was upstairs on the third floor and made the mistake of opening the window and telling us she could catch snowballs because I got at least two of them in there and they hit the ceiling.  anyone that tried to exit the gate got a barrage of snowballs.  It reminds me of the good old days when it was bob vs. a hyperactive hormone filled jason who would literally send a shower of snowballs at him for as long he was standing.  15 minutes of snowball fight left me sore for 2 days.  I'm getting old.

he loves eating snow

What a fun day.  If you want to have fun in the snow in Paris then definitely go to Montmartre.  I hope there is another snowy day so i can try to take photos in other spots in paris.  Palais Royal? Tuilleries? Promenade Plantee?


David Olmstead said...

beautiful place! Great photos! Nice shots!