Invierno en Madrid - Part 3

last part of my winter trip to madrid

Swing practice.  

a squat.  looks like its called Kasa Enkantada 

another "squat".  the city never did anything with this so the people took it over.

Cafe Delic in La Latina is pretty cool


the patron saint of madrid San Isidro prayed that his son that had fallen into a well would be saved and he was.  this is at some Madrid history museum right next to El Corazon Loco in La Latina.  its ok if you want air conditioning or to be warm for a while, and its free.

i love it

its winter so my brain can't even think about buying these summer shoes

i got some of this 89 euro a kilo iberico ham at el museum de jamon.  good stuff

marco's friend Silvana has her architecture studio overlooking Puerta del Sol.  pretty awesome.

Silvana came to Tokyo to visit marco when we were there.

the bull ring room at some flamenco or bullfighting bar.  the guy that worked there insisted that it was a great photo opportunity.

Achara bought this quasi school girl outfit today after people at school were telling her she looked older.  i don't know if it's working

Breakfast with marco before i head back to paris.  Madrid is full of places like this.  Ok Spain, I had a nice week of not doing anything, partying, hanging out, going to swing parties, etc... but now its time for me to go back to paris and get back to work!  Hasta Luego!