Korea - Day 4


these school uniforms look pretty cool and the girl's one looks pretty hot and i don't even have an asian schoolgirl fetish.
Look who it is! EJ (eun jung) who i met at FIT in New York!  she is engaged to that german guy who has a best selling book on presentation translated into korean and has a human resources type of company.
this bar we went to in hongdae had a ladder up to the dj booth.
they also had this big 650 ml beers, thats bigger than a pint.
this is the famous pojang macha in hongdae.  i remember coming here in 2002.  it is delish.  we ate dukbokkgi and twikim.
Blast from the past!  this is NB "Noise Basement".  it is across the street now and a lot nicer.  in 2002 we went here almost every weekend.  it was a down and dirty hiphop club.  they played hip hop for the first 20 min and then switched to techno/trance/korean sheit music.
this is what you call a locker.  you shove everyones stuff into one bag.  I guess this is kind of a good idea.
three girls, 3 pairs of hightops.  korea has come a long way.  the styles are better i think.