Day 3 - Suhe

we stopped by Suhe, a smaller old style town on the way back from the mountain. now that i look at it, there was some cool stuff. When i was there i thought it was dirtier and more touristy than Lijiang, which it was. we had to pay a 50 rmb conservation fee to get into this town.

there are all these kind of tractors that have the exposed engines on the front in this region of china.

some kind of temple with these copper things that you walk by and spin.

green leafy veggie field in the back of the town with the jade dragon snow mountain in the background.

yak yoghurt is pretty good. thick

a different color scheme than normal

this town had these little canals running through it also but this town had lots of people/stores using it to cool beer and veggies and stuff.

this town also had lots of people offering horse rides, and no one was riding.

i saw some guys photos on flickr of these dogs in cages near this restaurant and it said they were for eating. there were only 3 cages and 3 dogs so i wonder if that is true or not, but why else would they be there? they also had 1 monkey in a cage too. (below)

we ate at this place which looks like someones house. looks like they spent a lot on a nice courtyard rennovation turning it into half house, half restaurant.

these old ladies are awesome.

next time you want something from me try "fried yak cheese with sugar on top" instead of "pretty please with sugar on top" yummy.

back in Lijiang at the hostel at night

this was the owner, she was a large tough looking woman. she was Naxi.

sweet ginger hot drink. yum

chickens and turtles for eating. the turtles were only 45 rmb (7$) to have them prepared and eaten

skipped the turtles and ate these baba things that are supposedly a big naxi thing to eat. they are available everywhere in Lijiang.

Beer from Yunnan, from the city of Dali

these are the shoes i made lily buy. check out the awesome lace up and tounge action in the back. they look like high tops from mexico from the year 2020.


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