Korea - Day 10

King Kim Bab. Kim bob is like korean sushi rolls. this is funny because its like a candy bar or something. you just bite off the rounds of rolls.

Myung dong. big shopping area in korea. cooler than going to a mall because you are outside and there is lots of street food and cool little stores.

the onitsuka tiger store. they have cool stuff, especially shoes.

I liked the nipple lights and stair banister. the lights looks like something that Dave Cooper might use in his artwork

had Corden Bleu Donkatsu I think. doesn't look like cordeon bleu to me.

huge vending machines that have lcd tv screens on them playing advertisements.

Illustration is used a lot in korea. too bad the pay is so bad. i met some illustrators and they told me that it was super bad.

it doesn't rain or snow in beijing so this is the first time i've seen snow falling in Asia this year.

these were super sweet and yummy. thanks to yoon who came home with a bag full of snacks for sick little jason.

chicken legs is the name of these. those guys on the box look like they are after mr. chickens legs.

choco pies. i love these things. i ate 3 every morning when i woke up because it was so cold outside and its not a very nice way to wake up in the morning. stuffing 3 choco pies in your mouth and going back to bed on the other hand is.


Jung Eun said...

went home ok?!
it is always fun to read your blog. especially it's about korea. hehe