Korea - Day 11

Korea people are into getting their fortunes told.

lots of seoul looks like this. flat buildings with nothing but businesses wall to wall. and signs wall to wall too. looks pretty crazy. Seoul could use some new architecture that allows for businesses to have more than just flat signs smashed up right next to each other so it looks like one giant pile of vomit on the side of a building.

Korean style tigers! too expensive though. I went to insadong the place to buy "traditional" gifts

shilla era crown. Me and debbie studied this in korean art history but i forgot all about it.

these dumplings were huge. the picture does not do it justice.

I met EJ again for dinner and she helped me buy some crap.

I'm not really that comfortable when we eat at these places where you sit on the floor. i'm not that flexible so it's like im in the butterly stretch position the whole time like in kung fu class which is painful.

i bought my parents a variety of medium sized tal choom masks in 2002 but never got any for myself and i really like these. so i bought this big one. i sleep walk and also wake up in the middle of the night and think i see things. like i could see a jacket hanging on my chair and i will think its a person crouching down and i will yell at them and then wake up and realize that im crazy. this mask probably will make me crazy and freak me out.

bondegi. silk worms. cookin' all day. yummy. the smell still makes me want to puke. they have huge ones in china, like 6 on a stick for you to eat.

there is none of this in beijing. homeless people. probably because they collect them all and punt them out of the city limits to maintain the modern 1st class city look. I read in Vice magazine once in the do's and don'ts section i think about a picture of this asian homeless guy. the caption said something like shame on you chinese people, there aren't supposed to be homeless people in china, where is your family. Kind of sad to see homeless people in korea since it's supposed to be super family oriented and stuff.