Korea - Day 8 and 9

kae ran bang. cornbread like bread with and egg cooked in it. amazing.

the lock on yoon's door. its nice cuz i dont need keys.

yoons pad. its a loft there is a half floor above where the bed is.

its nice having a super clean and nice floor where you feel safe walking around barefoot.

Korean food is the best. look at all that panchan just for me and my bowl of soon du bu jjiiiigaee

me working. hey i gotta do it sometimes.

sam bab. look at that selection of green leafy veggies! amazing. you wrap up meat and random other stuff in these leaves and stuff the whole thing in your mouth.

ping pong place across the street from yoon's apt.

this is a new and welcomed development. "Screen Golf". you get a bag of a real set of clubs and you hit into this screen where the course is projected. there is a machine that has an arm that places a ball on the tee when you hit the button. there are sensors somewhere measuring the ball and stuff. there are birds chirping. people clapping. its just like real golf! not really but it is super fun. i was nervous about breaking stuff until the end when i just started smacking the ball. it's actually pretty hard, i only sunk one ball in 9 holes and double bogey'd on the rest. This would be awesome if they had it in china. just sitting around drinking beer until it's your turn.

an old standby, omurice.
the pc bang that i spent some time in scanning stuff and using the internet because yoon doesn't have internet and amazingly there was no wireless signal close enough to swipe.