Korea - Day 3

I met some of my old buddies from Yonsei.  They were in the snowboarding club.  I skated with the two guys.  The girl was also in a Jazz club.  I haven't seen the guys in 7 years and i haven't seen the girl in 5.  They all haven't see each other since they graduated 6 years ago.  I met them in Hongdae another crazy bar/club/restaurant area.  this graffiti guy i found out is french and this yellow cat was also across the street from FIT above rosa's pizza on the corner!
Jeung Eun, Gorilla, Duks, and Jung Hyun.  Jeung Eun now works at a bank, Duks is getting his phd in physics, and Jung Hyun is getting his masters in economics.  all they do is work and study.
oh gyup sal.  5 layer pork.  supper yummy
Kim bap, it's like Korean sushi rolls.  I got tuna kim bap which is my fav, they use tuna and mayo.
tons of people have these kinds of phones with a little flimsy tv antennae and webbrower and pen.  on the bus you see lots of people holding these up to their faces watching actual TV.  Korean tech is so much better than china or the US.  I wonder if that antennae is really necessary.
gas masks in every subway.
Korean style tiger.  this might show up in one of my illustrations.
this is at yoons apt.  this is a great invention.  very effective in not clogging the drain and having to get draino.  I really love this because all the sinks and drains in my chinese apt are clogged most of the time.  thanks roomies.


Jung Eun said...

actually we have those masks(called bang dok myun) under our desks at kdb..