Korea - Day 2

Look who it is! my old roomate from astoria Seung Eun Kang. She went to school at SVA for illustration and has been back in korea for a year and a half i think. I never went to a museum or gallery before when i was in Korea so it is nice to have an artist buddy in Korea this time around. We went to a lot of galleries in Samsung Dong and the national museum of contemporary art.

the bus system in korea is pretty vast. there are tons of buses and people taking them. this is the bus from incheon to hong dae, sinchon, and ehwa. it takes about an hour and a half.

i saw that some of the subways have the safety glass and auto sliding doors. it looks like this station is getting it soon.

this could never happen in New York. tons and tons of easels and frames in the subway with children's art and also some adults art as well.

the Seoul subway is probably the nicest of all the asian subways i've ridden. It's like the Cadillac of subways. its super wide and tall and overall a lot more volume. Beijings is newer but not as nice.

Korea is a pretty vain culture. there are mirrors everywhere in the subway even.

I forgot what this is called but one of the things inside is the national museum of contemporary art.

Seung Eun asked and they said this was the Joseun Dynasty army. Pretty awesome uniforms that the generals or whatever they guys in red are wearing

we ate samgyetang afterwards. I miss korean food so much. not really any good korean food in beijing, unless its at the super expensive joints, so that's not an alternative. Pots of kimchi and gakkdugi at your disposal.

delishious, hemul pajun too!

entrance to the main dining area

this is by the presidents house. Seung Eun said that they recently got a new president and he is bad so there have been lots of protests so that is why there are so many police on duty in the vacinity.

the front of kyung bok gung. this used to be cool especially at night because you would come down the huge street and it was a T intersection and this was at the top of the T all lit up, a UNESCO protected spot right in the middle of downtown. they are fixing it so this facade is at the top of that T now.

still some of this behind the construction.

The Korean roofing is a little different

at the Tibet museum. Tibet is on my list as the next or close to next place to travel to. There is a new train that goes into tibet now

A Korea Tiger hat!

Hodduk. sweetness inside. yummy. these are green because there is green tea mixed in.

at Seung Eun's friends cafe. a tea bag wall.

at McDonalds late night. This grease machine is either pumping grease in our out of the french fryer, or both. gross. It has a motor on it like its a sump pump, which is gross to think about.