Korea - Day 12

took a sentimental journey to Sinchon, which is where Yonsei University is, which is where i spent a year in 2001/02 drinking, eating, and being merry and carefree. most of the stores and businesses are not the same but in general the street is still the same. this is the main st that leads to the front gate of yonsei

this is where that sandwich place used to be where you could get bolonga sandwiches, i forgot the name but it was across the street from dunkin donuts.

the big intersection at the front gate of yonsei university.

a huge corn dog.

here is one random shot of the book store and how much they use illustration on book covers in korea. a lot.

the journy up the hill in Samsung Dong to my old astoria roomie Seung Eun's shared studio.

her illustrator friend woojung lives here and seung eun has studio space here too.

i am super super jealous that they have that 11x17 epson scanner!

this dog of hers is so awesome. i couldn't get a good natural shot of him. he had human like eyes.

this other illustrator friend of theirs was there too, Sukgoo.

nice bathroom

how beautiful is this? samgyup sal and all the trimmings.

look at the color of this cold soup!

my last night in Korea so we went a drinkin'. which is what you do every night anyway. I had them all draw me. gross.

what a nice young man. Duks. he's getting his phd in physics and had a presentation at a conference the next day. he proceeded to get really drunk. I wonder how it went.

on last po jang ma cha.

i ended up staying at duks house because it was too late to go back to Incheon. we met his roomates to drink more. they all spoke english.

the bar tender girl was pretty cute. not a lot of make up, which is rare

duk's neighborhood.

duks in the morning. i left quietly in the morning to got back to incheon because duks has to wake up in an hr and go present at the conference and he was really drunk last night. Poor guy, no wonder he looks like a sleeping chicken right now. i woke up by some miracle 45 min late, stumbled outside all half drunk and in a daze, not knowing where i was. i got on a bus and the nice bus driver told me i was going the wrong way to the subway and to get on the other bus. it's pretty brutal having to wake up super early after a night of heavy drinking and have to perform. for the next 8 hrs i would be in hell.

finally go to the subway and i see them handing these out. Look what it is, your favorite "newspaper" from New York, Metro! how the F did Metro get to korea? is no one else from NYC amazed by this?
This is what yoon and his girlfriend work for. they had to change the name to "global fair and festival" because Shanghai is having an expo as well and there was some kind of political reasoning that some dept in korea told their dept to just change the name. They love their job so much.

So for the end of the story there are no pics because i was too frazzled. I got to yoon's apt. got my stuff got on the airport bus which took way longer than expected. the whole journey to the airport from duks house took like 3.5 hrs. i got to the airport at 11:30 and my flight was at 12. they said it was too late boarding is over. i shat myself and then went to china air to see about buying a return ticket. the lady walked me over to this shady looking "travel agency guy" who sold me a ticket for $100 for a flight 1 hr later. so i got back into my house at like 4pm in beijing. Really awesome day right? so in the end, lesson not learned, because i was able to buy a ticket 10 min later for only $100 and nothing bad happened so it probably did not register in my brain that getting to the airport early is a good idea.