Best of 2008 - Part 3

The final installment of the best of 2008. If 2009 can be a fraction as cool as 2008 then I am in luck.

There she is, Angel Zhang, My first friend in Beijing. I was incredibly lucky to meet her. I met her on months before I moved to Beijing. She introduced me to all my friends in some way in Beijing. She is a great friend.

KTV, aka Karaoke. Many nights spent here until the sun comes up.

hong kong. probably my 3rd fav city after tokyo and new york.

chinese street food. It has held me down for the last 6 months. I eat some kind of street food almost everyday. pictured here is jian bing.

Moving to a new apartment that I pay rent for. it's $270 a month but you have to pay 3 months at a time in china. It is better than the apt in harlem.

bowling alley in the hotel in Tianjin.

holloween in beijing. had to be doremon again because of his high recognizabilility.

was lucky to meet Lily

the grocery store in china is an experience. It's a big part of my life since i have to go there a lot.

one of my favs that i've done in China inspired by that tree in shanghai

inspired the tiger beer piece

The Beijing Live Hip Hop Experience. a live act in beijing that i can really get into.

Kimi, the popstart singer i coached in english singing for 2 days

Ogre, Vicky, Zoe - Ogre, popstar singer, former popstar singer now boss.

inspired by china, done for tiger beer. it's about losing culture

xmas dinner at lily's house that i cooked 75% of. it actually came out not bad

Naxi peeps in Lijiang, Yunnan province in China

"Jody" and "Aimee" from the Bongba culture institute in Lijiang in Yunnan. It was a highlight meeting them and hanging out.

the highest i've ever been 4680 meters on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. dizziness, altitude headaches followed.

the worst bathroom i've ever used in my life, pictured is the pig pen and pile of pig sheit next to it which looks great compared to the piles of months old human feces in the actual bathroom.
Lugu Hu. lake in Yunnan province in china. an amazing trip. After this was basically on to 2009 and onto a trip to Korea. Come visit me before I leave china!


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