Childhood Destinations

new traffic safety charm from a shrine in Japan from Steven and Kimie

workshopping some segway jousting

dollar store football


Our dad imagined we were in the barn banging away and causing a ruckus making more dumb stuff for throwing weapons at but when he did come to see what was going on he saw us finishing up these stairs. He has had to awkwardly get over this beam for years so we built him these portable stairs after much debating over the design. One of our actually good father's day presents? It's like we're 5 yrs old though, using his wood and tools instead of construction paper and crayons.

went to Bethany Beach to the old Horne Cottage with both jen's sisters and families. Josh was there also fixing up stuff around the house. Here is Zachary helping out with some washer repair.

one of those towers along the beach. Beach jogging is hard.