Summa Mix

One of the pools in Stacie and Phil's complex

Eric and Zachary on on the Nintendo LABO train. cardboard, rubberbands, weights, sensors, etc make for tactile wearable stuff to use with the Nintendo Switch. Pretty pretty cool

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seasonal Huit Lacoche beer from Plan Bee and our Centennial hops plant in the back.

Black Seed bagels are montreal style and I don't know if i'm down with them

Steven really wanted Barn Karaoke at this years 4th of july so I got these via my internet shopping sleuthing.

dalias, thyme, spanish flag, canterbury bells, morning glories, scallions, snap dragons

zuccini, and two oak tree seelings too.

goya, progress hybrid japanese cucumber, lady hermit heirloom korean peppers, basil, cilantro, sungold cherry tomatoes, berkely tye dye tomatoes, scallions, pimientos de padron

bee balm regrew from last year.

edible chrysanthemum greens in the back, mizuna red streaks, red sails and buttercruch lettuce.

Cascade hops in front, Centennial hops in back.